The Definitive Doggie Wish List

If you’re as in love with your dogs as we are with ours, every commercial or Facebook ad about something dog-related makes you want it.  It seems like the list of high-tech and exciting pet products is endless these days, and that means that our wishlist is just getting longer.  From orthopedic pet pillows, to Fitbits for dogs, and everything in between, it can be hard to pick your favorites.  Below are our top three must-have doggie items this year.

  1. A Doggie Camera

When it comes down to it, pet owners can’t be with their precious pooch 24 hours a day, seven days a week even if they want to.  This is where a dog camera comes in handy.  With a huge range of price points, features, and connectivity, you are sure to find the camera that best fits your lifestyle.  Our favorite is the Furbo, a dog camera that has the ability to toss treats out for your dog while you talk to him on its two-way speaker system.  The system has 720p resolution and can stream video right to an app on your phone.  There are a lot of systems out there, but all of them will allow to keep an eye on your pooch when you aren’t there, which can help make work more bearable.

  1. A Nice New Bed

It may be odd to think that a new bed would come in this high on a wish list, but depending on what kind of dog you have, beds can get pretty expensive.  A lot of big dogs, like greyhounds and Great Danes, end up with hip dysplasia or other joint issues, so a nice orthopedic bed will be just what the doctor ordered.  If your dog likes to take all of your pillows and blankets and bury himself in them, there are also beds with high, but soft, side walls to allow for burrowing. 

Smaller dogs can be just as needy.  There are elevated beds for chunky little guys that help to reduce stress on joints and keep your dog cool, no matter the temperature.  Some beds are built like caves that allow the dog to hole up in a cozy little nook.  There are also dogs that like to have the feeling of a blanket being around them at all times, like Chihuahuas or other warm-weather breeds. 

  1. A GPS/Fitness Tracker

There are some sobering statistics when it comes to how many animals go missing each year. Nearly 10 million animals are reported missing for one reason or another.  This means that investing in a GPS tracker for your dog might not be a bad idea.  Trackers have become a huge product in the pet industry, so there is no shortage of options.  One favorite tracker on the market is the Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker and Activity Monitor. It has a compact size, is water resistant, and can track your dog’s activity.  Being able to monitor your dog’s activity level helps you provide sufficient nutrition and helps keep your dog trim!  These all run around the $100+ price range, so make sure you find the right one for your dog’s lifestyle.

For this holiday season, consider buying your dog a doggie camera, new bed, or tracker. Whatever you find the most appealing on your wishlist, enjoy the new year with your best furry friend right by your side!

Photo Credit: Pixabay