Our days revolve around your pup’s needs.

From daycare and boarding to grooming or training – and now veterinary care – Pups@Play has your pet covered from nose to tail, with two locations for your convenience.

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Veterinary services

Veterinary Services

Pups@Play in Livingston is pleased to offer veterinary care services, including wellness exams and vaccinations, dentistry, X-rays, surgery and diagnostics.

Dog boarding

Need to get away? Make sure your pup has a great place to stay. We offer an award-winning boarding experience with friends!

Dog daycare

The ultimate playdates happen here. Our guests enjoy a one-of-a-kind daycare experience. It’s non-stop, wide-open entertainment. Warning: they will get tired.

Dog Training

Even the best boys (and girls) need some help getting there. We offer a variety of private and group training options.

Dog Grooming

Spa days are a treat of a different kind. Proper grooming enhances your pet’s well-being, both inside and out.

Dental Care Icon

Dental care isn't just for people. In fact, it's just as important for dogs and cats as it is for humans.

Virtual Care

Virtual Care

We offer convenient virtual veterinary care for simple matters that don’t require an in-person visit, situations where you can’t physically get to our office, after hours questions or concerns, and emergency advice.

About Pups@Play

Pups@Play is a full-service pet health and wellness facility offering a spectrum of comprehensive services that help simplify the journey of dog ownership. When it comes to finding the perfect home away from home for your four-legged pal, we’ve got everything you’re looking for.

Facility Requirements

Our facility requires your pet's Bordetella shot to be updated every 6 months. Our facility requires all dogs over the age of 10 months to be spayed/neutered. Our facility waives the rabies shot for puppies up to 6 months. After that period, pet parents need to have the rabies vaccine in order to use the services at our centers.

Temperament Tests

Temperament tests are conducted at our facility Monday-Friday from 10am-3pm. We get too busy with dogs being picked up/dropped off before and after those time periods. Also, our temperament tests normally last about 2 hours. Customers need to schedule a day and time for the temperament test before bringing their dog in.

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Heartworm can cause fatal damage if left untreated. All dog breeds are at risk but heartworm disease is preventable. Click here to book.

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