In-House Diagnostics

Woman running diagnostics

In-house Veterinary Diagnostics can save time & money

We have an onsite laboratory for timely analysis of samples that have either been collected by our doctors or brought in by our clients. This can be done for diagnostic purposes, or to establish a baseline for early disease detection in the future.  Our laboratory services include:

● Intestinal Parasite Testing

● Urinalysis for signs of disease or infection

● Complete Blood Count (CBC) to check for anemia, dehydration, clotting ability, immune system issues, or signs of infection

● Chemistry Panel for measuring levels of electrolytes, glucose, calcium, enzymes, sodium, potassium, and other substances produced by the internal organs to assess their function

For those tests that require advanced testing equipment or more specialized analysis to ensure accuracy, we utilize a reliable outside reference lab.

Woman looking through microscope

We have all the tools we need to diagnose your pet

We have a state-of-the-art in-house laboratory, which enables us to perform blood work, urinalysis, cytology, and fecal exams. We also have our own radiography and ultrasound equipment, which we use when we need to closely examine your fur baby's internal structures, including their organs, bones, ligaments, etc.

With in-house diagnostics, we are able to get to the root of many problems in a matter of hours rather than days. And since we can diagnose a wide range of illnesses and injuries with speed and accuracy using our own equipment, our caring team can provide prompt treatment when your treasured companion needs it most.

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