COVID-19 Policy and Guidelines

COVID-19 Safety Protocols to Protect Our Clients & Staff

At Pups@Play, we are taking the COVID-19 outbreak very seriously. We are doing our part to slow the spread. We are committed to providing a safe experience to our employees, to our customers, and to our community. We are doing everything within our power to minimize the risks to individuals and public health.

Client Procedures

How to drop off and pick up your pets

On May 4th we will have a kennel located at our first door placed in the front of the building. This will be designated for drop and pickup. We ask for 1 person in the kennel at a time to maintain social distancing. When the dog is placed in the kennel please remove the leash and collar once the owner has exited the kennel our staff will open the door and retrieve the dog. Please do not leave the other side of the kennel until your dog has been retrieved by our staff for safety reasons. Once that client has entered their vehicle then the next client will come and follow the same procedure. This is to help limit the spread of the coronavirus. We appreciate your participation in this new drop-off and pick-up procedure.


Please note, if you plan to pay for services with cash, we do not have change available at this time. Please either bring the exact amount you wish to pay, or alternatively, we can credit your account any surplus. Otherwise, please place a card on file for payment.

Grooming Procedures

We will have normal Monday through Friday appointment/drop off times available, starting at 9 am until 2pm. The facility is closed to the public on weekends, and we will NOT be offering Saturday grooming at this time. The drop-off and pick up procedure will be the same for grooming as for daycare and boarding. Bear in mind, as we are implementing a "no contact" policy, there won't be face-to-face with a groomer.

We ask that you please either email grooming instructions (including the best phone number to contact you if we have questions) to or include the information in the notes section if requesting from the client portal on our website. Also note, as the facility is currently closed, there is no one answering phone calls at this time. If you would like to schedule an appointment in advance of our return, please either do so from our website, or through email ( so the groomer can contact you from home. Please bear with us as we have many requests, and are doing our best to get everyone scheduled in a timely manner. Thank you for being part of the Pups@Play Grooming family, and we look forward to seeing everyone again, from a safe distance of course.

Boarding Guidelines

Drop off your dog in drop off area along with belongings.

If any special instructions for your dog please call us at (973) 740-8500 or email us at

● No bedding from home. Pups@Play will provide all bedding needs.

● Bring food in original container such as the original bag, do not presort.

● No toys or chews during the stay due to cross-contamination.

● Medication needs to be in original bottles.

● Picking up call (973) 740-8500.

● Paying for boarding either bring exact cash or have credit card on file (we will not be able to give change).

Daycare Guidelines

No clients will be allowed inside the facility and no tours will be allowed during the COVID-19 outbreak.

● Drop off in dog in drop off area by removing the leash and collar.

● Maintain social distancing, one client at a time in the drop off/pick up area.

● No lunches will be accepted you can purchase our lunch for an additional cost if your pet really needs to have lunch.

● When picking up dogs please use existing package or pay exact cash or have a card on file.

● To place a card on file please log onto your client portal and add credit cards to their account profiles.

Livingston, NJ Location Veterinary Covid Policy

Our lobby is currently closed for Veterinary patients. Our team will continue to take the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our pet parents, their pets, as well as staff members. We will be offering curbside service. Just pull up, give us a call at (973) 863-3031 and our friendly staff will come to you. We look forward to welcoming you to our family and are here to help!