Dog in Camping Chair

Planning a Picnic with Pets

With the weather warming up and the days getting longer, summer is the perfect time for a picnic. Planning a picnic is a great way to combine time outdoors with friends, loved ones and great food. With a little extra planning, adding your dog(s) to the mix can make the experience even more fun and…

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Dog smelling flowers


It’s that time of year again.  The dreaded allergy season.  As if we didn’t already have enough to deal with during the pandemic.  Did you know that dogs can feel the same way about allergy season as we do?  They can experience itching, that can sometimes create a “hot spot” (a red rash that is…

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Dog wrapped in a towel

Fears, Phobias, and Anxieties in Dogs— Pretty Common Phenomenon

Thunderstorms, noises, smells, and separation are some of the triggers for stress—anxiety, phobia or fear—in doggies.  Watching your dog quiver, recoil, or bark uncontrollably is upsetting. Who wants to see a family member, a furry friend, suffer, even if it isn’t of a physical nature? It turns out that approximately 20% of domesticated doggies have…

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In Case of Emergency

Planning for an Emergency When You Have a Dog

Weather’s been much on everyone’s mind, particularly in the past several years—state-wide, country-wide, world-wide—as we witness a seeming increase in natural disasters. It’s tough enough to observe, much less experience, the toll on living beings of all kinds. Of course, when disasters happen, we likely observe communities and government agencies primarily (or, a matter of…

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Dog with his head out of the car window

Tips for Successfully Road Tripping with Fido

Traveling to a new destination is a fun adventure, and bringing along your beloved furry pet makes it that much sweeter.  Many are opting to bring their dogs along with them when traveling rather that hiring a dog sitter or boarding their pet. If you’ve never embarked on a road trip with your dog, there is…

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Dogs under the Christmas tree

The Definitive Doggie Wish List

If you’re as in love with your dogs as we are with ours, every commercial or Facebook ad about something dog-related makes you want it.  It seems like the list of high-tech and exciting pet products is endless these days, and that means that our wishlist is just getting longer.  From orthopedic pet pillows, to Fitbits for…

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Tis the Season for Itching and Sneezing ~ Canine Allergies that Bloom in the Spring

Did you know? Spring has finally arrived! We and our dogs can begin to enjoy the outdoors again!  It’s time to feel the warming sun, sniff fragrant flowers, and hear the birds sing.  We revel in abounding pleasures that delight our senses during this time of year.  Yet, hand in hand with the many plusses…

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Doggie Beware…It’s Frigid Out There!

Here we are at the height of unpredictable winter season: We’re looking sub-20 degrees in the eye and we’ve already stepped into, slid on and shoveled our fair share of snow. If you haven’t already done so, it’s not too late to consider the potential risks that the winter elements can present to your dog,…

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Love the One Who Loves You Unconditionally

With Scrumptious Valentine’s Day Treats <3 Valentine’s Day’s approaching–and it’s all about love, isn’t it? So, who says that love–and Valentine’s Day sentiments and gift giving should be limited to humans? Because, really, who is it who doesn’t fail to greet you with zeal, cry when you’re away and remain by your side through thick…

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